All products purchased at and can be exchanged, freely and at no additional cost, or a refund may be required. The return or exchange period is 15 days from the date of delivery of the order, and for this purpose, the form provided in the attachment must be completed.

All products are individually identified with a safety label. If you want to return the purchased product, do not remove the label or safety seal of the purchased product.

The right of Juliana HERC does not accept the return of products if they do not have a security label or seal, when the labels have been changed in relation to their original state or damaged, when the products show signs of use and when they are not complete. (Eg both items of a pair must be returned, in the case of parts that are composed of accessories that make them up, ….)

To make an exchange or return you must use the same carrier that delivered the order at your address, as follows:

– Place and pack the item (s) in a card box, you can use the original packaging in which you received the order if it is intact, by attaching the completed return or exchange form as required, closing it and sealing it with Tape-glue. Remove any labels, stickers, or other materials that apply to previous shipments.

– The picking must be scheduled by the customer service department within three days after you have made the request for exchange or return. If you are not at the address indicated at the time of the collection, a new date / time picking will be scheduled to be agreed between the customer and the carrier.

– The value for exchange or return is the responsibility of the customer.

– There are no pick-ups on weekends and holidays.

– After received the product, will be verified by the Quality Department and verified compliance with our requirements for exchange and return. If so, the exchange or return is confirmed and the refund made, through the same form of payment used in the purchase.

In the case of a simple exchange of products, if you choose a product of lower value you will be credited the difference and processed the shipment, in the case of product of superior value and that additional payment is required, you will have 48 hours to do so, Being able to choose one of the means of payment accepted. Shipping will only be processed after payment is received. You can send us the proof by e-mail, for reasons of speed, to

We pay special attention to the fact that the unprocessed orders are not delivered by the carrier.

In particular, orders not delivered to the address indicated by the following reasons are considered unprocessed: delivery not obtained, not claimed, refused, damaged during transport, opened …

 – Return by “DELIVERY NOT ACCEPTED”: Orders returned by the carrier with the following note: “Delivery not possible”. Once the shipment has been accepted by Juliana HERC, we will contact the customer to resend the order if the product is available or we will refund the value of the order.

– Return by “NOT CLAIMED”: Orders that have not been claimed within the time limit. Once received and accepted, Juliana HERC will contact the customer to resend the order if the product is in stock or we will return the value of the order.

– Refused by “REFUSED”: Refused your order upon delivery. Once received and accepted the order in our facilities will be issued a credit note that will be available in the client account within 72 hours after receipt of the same. You can request the cancellation of the credit note and the return of the money directly in our customer support section.

In all unprocessed order situations, Juliana HERC does not guarantee the reservation of the ordered products and reserves the right to make a return of the value of the order.

Custom Products: Product and cash returns do not apply to custom product orders.

For more information, read our TERMS & CONDITIONS